Paramotor WILL change your life!

Paramotor is freedom and Joy

The ability to stand alone in a field with a simple craft and run into the sky…it NEVER stops being magical! Each flight is something new and wonderful.

Finding exceptional powered paragliding training can be a daunting task. Skyfield Flightworks is one of just a few full time schools with a full time staff, a dedicated training facility and a large flying site to get you quickly through your flying curriculum while always putting your safety first.

We are a proud member of the Aviator PPG Alliance program. We use only the latest and most advanced technology in paragliders and paramotors for your training to ensure you will be flying safely and with the best performance available.

Training is KEY

High-quality training is the true key to your long-term safety and enjoyment of the amazing sport of paramotoring. It is our mission to ensure you receive the best instruction available as well as have the time of your life while always making your safety our top priority. We utilize a robust proprietary training syllabus that exceeds United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) training certification requirements. Our lead instructor, Andrew Solano, is trained and mentored by world renowned paramotoring expert and competition champion Eric Dufour.

Our training program is conducted on-site at 3J1-Ridgeland Clude Dean Airport in Ridgeland, S.C. – A short drive north of Savannah-Hilton Head area just off of I-95. We are fortunate to have a vast expanse of open free space to fly and improve your safety during the beginning stages of paramotoring. Our brand new airport training facility contains a motor simulator, lounge, maintenance shop, refreshments and a variety of gliders and paramotors for free student use during your course of instruction.

The experience of paramotoring is truly life changing!

Are you ready to fly?

We are dedicated to safety

Paramotoring is only as extreme a sport as you make it. The level of inherent risk is very low as long as pilots have had superb training built on a foundation of knowledge and proper technique. Our instructors are USPPA certified with thousand of flight hours and experience and well prepared to help you make good decisions about when, where, and what equipment to fly. USPPA’s recognition of our dedication to both the safety and skill level of our paramotor students is very important to us and we highly recommend that our pilots research the benefits of joining this organization.